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The story

With over 120,000 members, Norsk Elbilforening has promoted electric mobility in Norway for more than 25 years. Their relentless efforts in advancing the electrification of the transport sector have been instrumental in positioning Norway as a global leader in electric cars.

With a steadfast commitment to mitigating climate change and preserving the environment, Norsk Elbilforening has tirelessly advocated for sustainable transportation solutions.  

By engaging with policymakers, industry leaders, and the public, they have effectively driven the adoption of electric vehicles and accelerated the development of vital infrastructure. But Norsk Elbilforening identified significant pain points when facilitating convenient and accessible charging solutions across the country that they wanted to solve for the EV owners.

Read on to learn how their eventual partnership with Deftpower saw the Norwegian EV Association accelerate adoption and significantly improved user experience.

The challenges


Lack of interoperability between Norwegian charging networks: The absence of interoperability between charging networks in Norway has resulted in fragmented systems and limited flexibility for EV users.


Inconsistent user experience across different charging stations: EV owners in Norway often face varying user experiences when using other charging stations.


Managing prices for charging: Not being able to negotiate favourable prices for their large client base.  

The solution

Elbilforening becomes a MSP and offers interoperability:

By establishing Ladeklubben, Norsk Elbilforening addressed the need for more interoperability and consistent user experience plaguing Norway's charging network.  

Manage own tariffs with CPOs:

With Ladeklubben EV drivers in Norway have favourable prices on multiple networks making it a powerhouse MSP.


Since its launch in 2022, the Ladeklubben project has seen most Norsk Elilforening members register to utilise this innovative charging service, showcasing the high demand and enthusiasm among electric vehicle owners. The growing adoption and popularity of Ladeklubben's charging service signify its effectiveness in meeting the needs and expectations of electric vehicle owners.
members the Ladeklubben app is now available to
conversion rate of their client base

The creation of Ladeklubben...

The Search

Elbilforening´s ambition to become an MSP dated back to 2018. They could, however, not find a suitable partner to provide them the technology. The MSP partners available provided constraints to Elbilforening that was detrimental to their aims. These constraints included not being able to determine the end consumer price for electricity and owning the customer data via their own terms of use. Elbilforening was not looking to partner with a MSP, but they wanted to be an MSP themselves.

The Partnership

When Deftpower launched its MSP SaaS platform in 2021, Elbilforening made their decision quickly. The Deftpower API enabled Elbilforening to take control over the customer management via their own ERP and CRM systems. Thanks to the Single-Sign-On (SSO) feature, association members could use their existing Ladeklubben account without needing to register and lastly, Elbilforening managed to negotiate preferred prices with leading charging networks in Norway creating the ultimate benefit for their members: good electricity prices.

... powered by Deftpower

Working Together
The development process involved creating an Admin Control Centre, a white label Driver App in Ladeklubbben’s branding, and integrating Deftpower's external API, ensuring seamless communication and efficient management of charging services. The setup of Ladeklubben was accomplished in a remarkably efficient timeframe of ten weeks.

The Future of Ladeklubben
As a relatively small NGO, Elbilforening acknowledges that this ambitious project was only feasible with the support and expertise provided by Deftpower. This strategic approach allowed Ladeklubben to expand its coverage and offer a comprehensive charging solution to its members. The partnership between Elbilforening and Deftpower is continues to develop now that Ladeklubben is the first independent MSP supporting Plug ´n Charge and is combining intelligent routing with smart charging location recommendations. The next step is to improve charging costs with optimised charging scheduling.

We searched the whole market for the tech we needed and found Deftpower to be the most promising

Petter Haugneland

Assistant Secretary General, Norwegian EV Association

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