The portal

The Deftpower portal solves many of the pressing issues for MSPs that exist today. The services are robust and we have many quality checks in place, reducing your operational burden.
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Portal key feature mockupsPortal key feature mockupsPortal key feature mockups

Key features

Our portal optimizes all your workflows across the entire chain.
Digital, fully traceable invoicing and settlement process 
Advanced Tariff management
Simulate your organisation structure 

More features

Manage your charging network 

Set configurations for over 1000 CPOs. Disable them if deemed necessary and check their whereabouts on the map or in the extensive database. 

Manage EV drivers, accounts and fleets 

You can assign cards to individual drivers or to vehicles in shared fleets. Easily block and replace charging cards. 

PSP agnostic payment handling 

Whether you use Stripe, Adyen, Mollie or another PSP, the platform is PSP agnostic ensuring you always have the right PSP. 

Customise push notifications

Support your drivers on their journeys with the information they need. You decide the triggers and content of all push notifications. 


Invoicing, accounting and ERP   

Integrate your invoice and accounting processes easily. All charging data is available in real-time, so you can easily create and send accurate invoices to your customers. 

Customer Service integration

Integrate MSP services seamlessly into your customer support workflows, whether managed internally or outsourced. Enhance support with chatbots and helpdesk software for 24/7 assistance.

Customer management and CRM  

Enhance the efficiency of managing your customer data. Gain complete access to all your charging data, which can be utilized to enhance customer service and engagement. Integrate your CRM software to consolidate and streamline your customer data management in a single platform.  

Single Sign On for optimal user experience

Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies the process for your customers to access their accounts across various platforms, eliminating the need to remember multiple login credentials. By implementing SSO, your customers can effortlessly log in to different platforms with a single set of credentials.  
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Customer success story/Elbilforening

The Norwegian EV Association has provided it´s more than 110,000 members a free charging card and app called Ladeklubben. Elbilforening represents one of the largest EMPs in Europe to date.

The Ladeklubben app and charging card is also the first independent EMP in Europe´s most advanced EV country, Norway.

The steps to a partnership

Contact our sales team to initiate the partnership process.
We will respond to your inquiry within 2 working days.
Schedule a meeting to explore and discuss potential partnership opportunities.
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