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Boost charger sales with an exceptional MSP

Charge point operators have the opportunity to stand out from the competition and avoid excessive investment in complex product development. With Deftpower, you can offer your customers a superior MSP that sets you apart from the competition.

Why Deftpower

Reduce Your Operational Costs

While charge point operators may encounter tight margins that can restrict profitability, our platform Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your charging network, opening up new avenues for increased profitability. 

Set yourself apart strategically from any industry entering the realm of eMobility.

Deftpower empowers businesses in the competitive EV charging market, equipping them with superior MSP tools to effectively compete, retain customers, and drive business growth.

IT Capabilities and API Access

Enhance your offering with premium charging services while focusing on your core business and technology. Our API access enables you to gather valuable driver and vehicle data, optimising your network and improving your services. 

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Obtaining your MSP and CPO platform from a single supplier poses significant risks, such as reduced performance and the potential for expensive vendor lock-in if you decide to switch providers. 

The steps to a partnership

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