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The MSP unites your fleet management business and revenue

At Deftpower, we understand fleet and logistics companies' challenges regarding EV charging. That's why we have designed our platform to help you overcome these challenges and streamline your operations. Read on to learn how we can help you take control of your fleet's charging needs.

Why Deftpower

Maximise EV charging revenue

Optimise revenue and minimise operational costs with our EV charging solution, designed to adapt to the transition to electric vehicles and maximise financial gains while efficiently managing charging operations.

Advanced reimbursement processes 

Your customers charge everywhere now, at home, at the office and in public. At home you need to reimburse privately consumed electricity. 

Compliance is essential 

VAT regulations, incorrect invoices and unverified charging transactions cause many companies problems With Deftpower you can play by the rules, because we monitor, check and correct thoroughly any CPO-transaction coming in. 

Access to user and vehicle data 

Uncertain residual values of EVs can be a headache for fleet and logistics companies. Gain confidence and peace of mind as you navigate the EV landscape with our platform's invaluable data insights. 

Fuel Cards are becoming a Thing of the Past 

The traditional fuel card is becoming obsolete rapidly, whilst your clients are electrifying their fleets. With Deftpower you won´t lose momentum.

Everything in your brand – white label app and charging cards 

In line with your brand your customers are not confused with other brands.   

Streamlined Invoicing Process for Timely Payments 

Lack of control over invoicing can lead to payment delays and impact your cash flow. Our platform provides you detailed and accurate billing information that keep your accountants happy.  

Data-Driven Decisions for Optimal Fleet Management 

Lack of data for decision-making can be a major hurdle for fleet and logistics companies. But with Deftpower, you have access to real-time data on charging sessions, energy consumption, and costs.  

Set Charging Policies and Monitor Sessions with MSP 

No control over drivers' decisions can be a significant challenge for fleet and logistics companies. But with Deftpower's MSP you can take control of your drivers' decisions. Our platform allows you to set charging policies and monitor charging sessions, ensuring that your drivers adhere to your guidelines.

The steps to a partnership

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