Why build what you can buy for
a fraction of the price?

Combine full control with vastly reduced time-to-market so that you can focus on what truly sets you apart.

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Your own charging app

Customise your customer journey without a single line of code. We create your very own charging app at the push of a button.

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Your own charging prices

Negotiate your own tariffs with charging point operators, process charging sessions and generate invoices using a legacy-free back-office.

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Your own ecosystem

Create a seamless experience while minimising administrative burden by connecting your charging service to existing systems using our External API.

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Be part of a new wave in e-mobility

    Build on solid foundations.
    We guarantee…

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    100% accurate charging detail records

    100% neutrality

    100% professionalism

    Read our white paper on the role of eMSPs in the smart charging ecosystem to find out more.

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    THE 7-RULE action plan to outperform competition in EV charging

    Access over 425,000 charging points and 900 CPOs with Deftpower

    From day one, Deftpower ensures that you can offer your drivers access to over 425,000 charging points, bringing any destination across Europe immediately within reach. We will set up new OCPI connections to any current and future charging networks for free.

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