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Electric car drivers are the future for your business. Build your own white label charging app. Our intelligent cloud solution saves you money and time, letting you focus on building a relationship with your EV drivers.

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Connected to all major European charging point operators

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A premium charging app
in your own brand

Whether you sell cars, charging points or electricity

Provide access to >100.000 charging points throughout Europe
Real-time charging and navigation data
Transparent pricing
Strong community

Becoming an eMSP has never
been this simple

Radically reduce complexity

One contract rather than hundreds
One API to implement
Premium app with a great UX, in your own look & feel
Easy to integrate into your business

You are fully in control

Our self-service solution puts you in the driver's seat

Set your own tariffs for charging
Negotiate your own prices with charging point operators
Advanced settlement and reimbursement
Advanced CRM to manage your partners and customers
Get detailed insights into charging behaviour per vehicle and fleet.

From the creators
of Plugsurfing and Allego

Electric car charging is entering a new phase. Everything is integrated and any business can join the game. Jacob van Zonneveld, Marc Diks and Remco Tjeerdsma bring a decade's worth of experience in the electric car charging business together in a single platform for EV charging. This platform puts any business wanting a stronger customer relationship in the driver's seat.

As the creative minds behind Plugsurfing and Allego, Jacob and Marc know what customers need and how charging infrastructure works. They have seen businesses struggle to break through the complexity and unlock the full potential of electric cars. Deftpower aims to change that. With the right support, customers can be happier, businesses more profitable, and society cleaner.

Join the ride. You won’t regret it.
Marc Diks
IT & energy expert

Jacob van Zonneveld

Mobility & energy expert

Remco Tjeerdsma

Software expert

Why start today

The time is now

The market is booming,
and so is competition.


We believe EV drivers need
your help.


A neutral partner is what it takes
to scale fast.


Jacob van Zonneveld
+31 (0) 85 130 26 96

Electric cars are the future for your business.
Sit in the driver's seat, with Deftpower.