The Leading Automotive Charging Platform


Be part of a new wave in e-mobility

We searched the whole market for the tech we need and found Deftpower to be the most promising.
We want to make everyone feel at home in the e-mobility sector. Deftpower makes that possible.
The Deftpower platform has enabled ConnectNed to quickly enter the eMobility market as a full-fledged eMSP, with state of-the-art roaming and payment services.
We believe that electric mobility should be effortless. The Deftpower Automotive Charging Platform makes that possible for everyone charging at AVIA.

A cutting-edge suite of products and services

Why build what you can buy for a fraction of the price? Combine full control with vastly reduced time-to-market so that you can focus on what truly sets you apart.

Create the ultimate charging experience

Win the heart of any EV Driver by making it possible for them to charge across Europe using your new charging app.

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Native multitenancy

A legacy-free back-office enables you to manage your network and increase your revenue while keeping full control over your solution.

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Scale without limits

Use our External API to seamlessly fit EV charging alongside existing products and services in your e-mobility ecosystem.

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The transformation is happening now.
To stay ahead, you need to…

Control the customer relationship

Control the business case

Avoid vendor lock-in

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THE 7-RULE action plan to outperform competition in EV charging

Access over 300,000 charging points and 800 CPOs with Deftpower

From day one, Deftpower ensures that you can offer your drivers access to over 300.000 charging points, bringing any destination across Europe immediately within reach. We will set up new OCPI connections to any current and future charging networks for free.