Meet the founders

The founding team of Deftpower knows how to get a business from zero to one and how to create structure from chaos. Marc Diks, Jacob van Zonneveld and Remco Tjeerdsma have a long track record in e-mobility and have built household names in e-mobility like Plugsurfing and Allego.

It is clear that we need to manage our energy generation and consumption in a dramatically better way. Besides bicycling as often as possible, vehicles should be powered by renewable energy and, when possible, stabilise the grid. This way we transform from a centralised and polluting energy system, to one which is decentralised and environmentally sound.

The Deftpower founders are contributing to this urgently needed transition by using state-of-the-art software and business practices. They welcome anyone who wants to join the ride.

Meet the team.

Rebel with a cause and Emperor of Roam, who loves reading history books. Previously founded and sold Plugsurfing.

Jacob van Zonneveld

Jack of all trades and a real entrepreneur who loves to organize a BBQ. When he´s not building a SaaS platform he is building his own house. Previously CIO of Allego.

Marc Diks

Master of Code who knows every charging protocol inside out. Never seen Jurassic Park. Previously ISO15118 expert at Allego.

Remco Tjeerdsma

Mr. Nice Guy and a true partnership builder with strong values. Makes his own pizza´s, also for guests. Previously business developer at Plugsurfing.

Nicholas Laane
Business Developer

The most charming hacker in the universe and can close a deal as well. If he´s not coding he´s teaching his daughters how to be a smartass. Previously worked at Allego.

Sebastiaan Groeneveld
Senior Developer

Nobody is wiser than Tom and he likes to keep things simple. Only has four children. Previously software developer at Allego.

Tom Kuijsten
Software Developer

Coder that understands the power of asking questions. Like every Smashing Pumpkin fan, he knows the distance to the sun. Previously software developer at Allego.

Riccardo Becker
Software Developer

Fountain of ideas who quietly develops a powerhouse of a backend. Speaks Chinese. Previously worked for Sycade.

Timo Snel
Software Developer App

Clean code police and a real stickler making him a first class pointillistic coder. Can build his own guitar, preferably with four knobs. Previously worked at Allego.

Bas Stottelaar
Software Developer

Never leaves the client in the dark and a strong magnetic shield of the operations team. Romanticist with a weak for dark humor. Previously worked at EVA Global Assist.

Emma Bielschowsky
Client Operations Manager

An eMSP is a good as its billing engine and Roy just looooves billing engines. And he loves to eat “patat” as often as he can. Previously worked at Allego.

Roy Uijting
Software Developer

Stijn understands the favicon is at the heart of every digital business. When he is not pumping code he is pumping muscles. Previously worked as IT consulaten.

Stijn Versteeg
Software Developer

Brings order and tranquility making everybody perform better whilst eliminating every bad CDR from the system. Proud mother of three daughters. Previously worked at ECI Software Solutions.

Anja Houthooft
Office Manager

This no-nonsense Clint Eastwood blasts code with his 44 Magnum more dirty than Harry did. When playing football he even walks more than Messi. Previsouly worked at Fudura.

Joey Chömpff
Software Developer

Every app needs a soul and Suzanne´s love and passion for the user is translated into magical code. When she smiles everybody smiles. Previously worked at Shell.

Suzanne van der Grind
App Developer

Unlike most of us Marcel has a knack for joining and leaving a blockchain project at the right moment. Between hosting nodes he´s creating a lot of codes to electrify mobility. It´s impossible to say who his favourite band is because Marcel only likes bands no one else has heard of.

Marcel Andeweg
Software Developer