Blog / Deftpower Platform Operating at Scale After Successfully Migrating 150.000 EV Drivers for ANWB

ANWB becomes one of the largest Mobility Service Providers in Europe after only 4 months of partnership.
Ruth Healy
Fleet & Logistics

Arnhem, December 20th 2023 - The Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) has provided its 150,000 EV drivers with a highly rated charging app, running on the Deftpower platform. This partnership makes ANWB one of the largest Mobility Service Providers (MSPs) in Europe, and with five million members – positions them as one of the leading MSPs enabling the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

By successfully migrating this volume of EV drivers, Deftpower’s app gives ANWB the ability to handle close to one million charging sessions per month from a billing, payment, and VAT-compliance perspective. The partnership has brought a high level of driver satisfaction as well as lower prices in 90% of connected charging stations.

With a charging card and premium app that gives access to more than 600,000 charging stations across Europe, this makes ANWB one of the largest MSPs in Europe only 4 months after signing this partnership. Working behind the scenes, the SaaS platform actively powers this white label service that allows drivers to find the most cost-effective charging point, start and stop charging, plus gives a clear overview of the charging sessions.

Unique is that the client, not Deftpower, becomes the MSP with absolute ownership over their customer data, charging tariffs and relationship with the charge point operator. ANWB can now use this MSP as a digital flagship for all its energy related services.

“With Deftpower, we see a technology partner that could offer ANWB the agility required in a rapidly changing eMobility market”, shared Electric Charging Program Manager, Sven Schutte.  

“I am excited to see how our team has given ANWB this confidence”, Deftpower co-founder and CEO, Jacob van Zonneveld, celebrates the alliance. “MSPs occupy that part of the EV charging ecosystem which is most visible and tangible to the electric vehicle driver. When an EV driver uses a charging service, they are interacting with a brand at the charging point, payment, app usage, and so on”.  

Naturally, ANWB had a lot of factors to weigh up before signing on the dotted line: “Between strong app ratings, accurate invoicing and scaling potential, there are several reasons we have chosen Deftpower as our partner for this transition”.

At scale, EV drivers can now trust that they will have a smooth charging experience, strengthening brand loyalty and overall relationship with ANWB. They can also choose between a free charging card or a card with a €3.99 monthly subscription. The rate per kWh varies per charging point, for which the individual prices can be found in the app.

Read more about this new charge card here.


About ANWB

The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB is an association that advocates for the interests of its five million members in the fields of mobility, holidays, and leisure through a unique mix of influential and service-oriented activities. In its work, ANWB aims to contribute to the sustainable development of society.


About Deftpower

Deftpower was founded in 2020 by Marc Diks and Jacob van Zonneveld with a mission to build the ultimate charging solution. Their Automotive Charging Platform brings charging station networks, car manufacturers and utilities together in a way that is both scalable and cost saving for everyone. The transition to EV is happening at speed so naturally the underlying technologies must meet high standards – which is exactly what the Deftpower platform does. Deftpower today has secured the business of 23 customers in 9 countries and provides access to all major charging networks in Europe.