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Apply now and receive up to €25,000 charging credit for your first 1,000 users.

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For your drivers to receive up to €25,000 charging credit as part of this launch campaign, the following requirements apply:

  • Establishment of a partnership with Deftpower for a minimum three-year period;
  • Formal signature for a partnership with Deftpower before June 30th, 2021;
  • Up-front payment of a 1-year license fee for up to 1000 app users* to Deftpower;
  • Your first 1000 EV Drivers will each receive €25 charging credit upon registering to your charging app.

    * a campaign for a lower number (minimum 400 app users) is possible, but will reduce accordingly the amount of app users who receive €25 from Deftpower as part of this launch campaign.
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