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(Junior) Charging Network Manager

Full Time

This is Deftpower

The team behind Deftpower has great ideas for improving electric car charging and draws on more than a decade’s worth of experience in the EV charging business in realising them.

Together, we are quickly building the industry’s most advanced technology platform recalibrating EV drivers, their cars, charging points and the grid in a new metaverse. Simply put: we build smart cities. Less than a year after our launch we are gaining major traction in the market with customers across Europe. They have one thing in common: they see that the future of mobility and energy is electric. One in which everything is integrated, and anyone can join. We believe that this market needs to grow quickly and that with the right support, customers and their electric car drivers can be happier, businesses more profitable, and society cleaner

To help us in our mission we are looking for a Charging Network Manager, for our office in either Arnhem or Berlin.    

What you’ll be doing

As Charging Network Manager you work to expand and maintain relationships with hundreds of charging networks across Europe. You will negotiate tariffs and oversee the correct communication of charge point data while ensuring correct operational performance of the partnerships. To do this you will have to travel from time to time in Europe.

Your work is essential for our success, and you will get deep insights into the nature of electric vehicle charging. Moreover, you are an important link between ourc harge point partners and IT. Thanks to you charge point networks and electric car drivers are happy to engage with Deftpower. This is not a job to take lightly, we want to genuinely help usher in the era of emissions-free mobility and that means building and nurturing meaningful partnerships. Our performance should be the best and cleanest of all. Any obstacle you find in the way that mission, you remove.

You will work closely with the Deftpower team to help build an awesome product and ensure our clients achieve their goals. You’ll be part of an environment of trust, diversity, and inclusion within our team, with a common goal to improve our product and build out the company’s foundations. The product is fascinating, and you help shape it. If you have a better way of doing things, we want to hear it. Here are some the activities you will be undertaking

  • Learning and understanding everything about the automotive and energy sector;
  • Find new charge point operators across Europe to partner with;
  • Build and maintain relationships with charge point networks across Europe (i.e. IONITY, Fastned, Tesla)
  • Negotiate tariffs;
  • Monitor and improve the technical integration with charge point networks (in collaboration with our IT);
  • Update and maintain our system with negotiated tariffs and other configurations;
  • Based on your critical thinking and focus on problem solving, give the team advice how to improve efficiency.
  • Any obstacle you find on the way to the happiness of our clients, you remove.
  • Maybe you like to challenge yourself? Be our guest!


Your side of the bargain

We are looking for a candidate that loves maintaining and developing client relationships, is intrinsically motivated and enjoys a start-up environment.            

  • Bachelor/Master Degree or top resume.
  • You can be new to the EV industry or not, what matters most is your mind-set and skills
  • You want to learn more about electric cars, the way in which they charge, and how they can help us achieve a truly emissions-free society without breaking our energy system
  • Attention to details.
  • Willingness to travel across Europe
  • You are enthusiastic and have perseverance; together with your team you work towards a great software product.
  • We value a high level of integrity, motivation,transparency, and curiosity.
  • We appreciate people that are hands-on, team players and not afraid of innovation.
  • Very good English and the more languages you speak, the better.


Our side of the bargain

We want you to be happy and have the right energy to join us on our mission:

  • Exposure to our partners and clients in the energy, automotive and financial industry.
  • Fast paced environment with a steep learning curve.
  • Environment of trust where self-management is encouraged.
  • Flexibility; determine your working hours yourself, in consultation
  • Good primary and secondary employment conditions in line with the market standard, including a pension plan and work laptop.
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