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Jacob, Marc, and Remco, the founders of Deftpower, have astutely recognized the urgent need for a paradigm shift in power generation and consumption, acknowledging its current unsustainable trajectory. Driven by a vision to make renewable energy more affordable and preferable to fossil fuels, they harnessed their expertise in the energy, automotive, and building industries to create a skillful solution. This solution efficiently orchestrates the utilization of renewable energy by electric vehicles through innovative software-driven systems.
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Reputation is everything in the automotive industry. That's why we've created a premium user experience that ensures your customers have the best possible charging experience, which will strengthen your brand.

Enhancing the total vehicle experience, car manufacturers can tap into the after-sales market by providing accurate charging station information and ensuring a seamless experience for EV drivers throughout their journey.

At Deftpower we understand the challenges faced by the automotive industry when it comes to EV charging, and we've designed a digital flagship for you to embrace th

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